Let Your Clothes Empower You To Extra Confidence

Are you somebody who often feels down? Are you a negative thinker? Do you worry a lot? Do you often get depressed? If one of these questions is a description of you, this article may well be worth a read. I am going to give advice to help people to feel better about themselves, about how to think in a more positive manner and the benefits which this can bring.

My name is Steve Hill and I am the type of person who would always be thinking in a negative way, I used to worry about most things in life and was basically unhappy.

My life could not continue in this way and I needed to find a way out of this rut. I was now at the age of twenty-two and decided that enough was enough. I began to read books about people who were successful in life and not only found them interesting but also beneficial.

One of the books I read was about the golf player Tiger Woods. He is a very interesting character and a very good and successful golf player. It explained how he always wears red and black colours for his clothes, on the last day of each tournament. Red and black are chosen for their bold colours and it represents what his attitude is going to be on this day. He is basically saying to all of the players that he is going to just go for it, no fear, no worries, he is just going to attack. In his opinion, if he has this attitude and plays well, he will have every chance of winning the tournament. Now he obviously can not win every tournament, but he does seem to win his fair share.

I remember feeling very nervous about attending an interview. This was exactly the type of situation which I would worry and get stressed out about. I would question why I was even attending the interview as I was bound to fail. This is of course an example of my negative attitude.

From reading all of these books, I decided that worrying was certainly not going to help me and that I needed to think positive. I decided to go and buy a new suit as the couple which I had were now old and tatty. I will never forget seeing myself in the mirror with this new suit on, I looked extremely smart and I felt very proud of myself. Just wearing this new suit gave me a huge boost of confidence. I went to the interview feeling more positive than ever and pretended I was Tiger, I was just going to go for it and see what happens.

The interview went well and the answers seemed to flow as my brain was quite relaxed. I actually quite enjoyed the meeting and am happy to let you know that I was offered the position two weeks later.

When I feel down, I now go and treat myself to some new clothes. If I am going out to a social event which I do not really want to go to, I wear these new clothes to give me an extra confidence boost. I also go with the right attitude, no more worrying, no more fear, I will have fun and if I am not enjoying myself I will just come home early.

I continue to read more and more books from many different successful people. I am always aiming to improve my life and I also want to be a success. I now worry and stress far less than I did before and am generally happy with my life.

I also play a lot of sport and try to play in an attacking style. Attack is supposed to be the best form of defence and it also far more enjoyable to play sport in this way. I have even become very sad as I always try to wear red and black when I am playing snooker for example.